Friday, May 25, 2007

Pentecost and Memorial Day: resources, reflections

Simple Village Organist has a poetic Pentecost post (how’s that for alliteration) courtesy of Hildegard von Bingen and a thoughtful Memorial Day reflection. Auntie Jane says: check ‘em out.

In the interests of equal time for canines, I also need to point out that Ed (Simple Village Organist, actually from not-so-village Immanuel Presbyterian on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles) has one adorable dog, appropriately named Anna Magdalena*, whom you can see here.

* As usual, take Wikipedia with a grain of salt, but this article looks like it is halfway decent. (Ed, please confirm this for us non-specialists.) This snooty postscript brought to you by Professor Jane, who has a note in every one of her syllabi telling her students that she does NOT want to see Wikipedia as a reference in any of their research papers because it is not a proper scholarly source, humph.


Ed said...

Anna Magdalena and I feel like stars! The Wikipedia entry on the ur-AM is okay; hardly anything is known about her life. (The theory about her composing never got much traction, btw.) The standard bio of JS is that of Christoph Wolff. All that is known of his domestic life is contained in a single chapter of 25 pages.

When my Anna Magdalena was wee puppy and chewing up everything in sight, the only books she went after were prayer books and the Wolff book, which I took as an endorsement!

Jane R said...

Thanks Ed! I posted thanks once before but the internet ate my post. Maybe it's like socks in the dryer. There is a David Walker cartoon about lost e-mails, now that I think of it, but not about blog posts.

Alyosha the Bodhicat (who died in Berkeley at the ripe old age of 21) used to fall asleep on my copy of Gadamer's Truth and Method, which I thought was a fine use of that fat book. Much better than reading it.