Monday, May 28, 2007

Pentecost: images from India

This one is by Solomon Raj, Indian Lutheran theologian and artist.

I also just found this other one, but alas the website on which I located it is not good about quoting sources, so it doesn't say anything except that it's from India. But it is clearly in batik also and the same style as Raj. It might be that the one above is a detail of the one below, but the colors and the flame patterns are slightly different. I was entranced with the first one when I found it a couple of days ago, but having discovered the second, I am taken by those red flames!
And thanks to Rob, who reminded me that in the churches of the East, the day after Pentecost is "Holy Spirit Monday."

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Ed said...

These are gorgeous! I love Asian/Pacific Island fabric art and would love to fill my apartment with it. So far the effect is more opium den than chapel, but maybe a nice Pentecost batik would even things out a bit.