Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Home again, fall colors, deer, and a bit of bird blogging

Back late last night, not because my flight was late --it was early!-- but because it takes two flights and a lot of hours and time change to get back from the West Coast.

I didn't see our local deer (we have a whole family living in the woods behind this little group of houses and they often come out mid-evening and hang out on the lawn) but I did check in on the fine folks at Greensboro Birds, and they had a deer sighting on their side of town, along with a few birds for the day, all in one post. Check it out and enjoy feeling local. Greensboro, North Carolina local, that is.

Miss Maya Pavlova, the dancing cat, did well under the care of two of my favorite and trusted students and was only moderately peeved at me. She sits curled against the fax machine right now having a noonday snooze.

Now for a quiet Thanksgiving with time for contemplation and yes, some catch-up posts on Belgium and France. All in due time.

Safe travels, all, and safe home.


Paul said...

Jane, so nice to have you come (and blogging) again. Rest, rejoice, be comfy, give thanks. Thanks for the lovely artwork. I really like the Martha, Mary, and Jesus. Yummy.

johnieb said...

What Paul said, and more later.