Friday, February 22, 2008

And for Paul, a little drama

I know, Paul darling, you are Swedish and not Norwegian, but a Norwegian composer played in Jerusalem is kind of fun, and you are the flag collector and international observer and welcomer. Enjoy.


Paul said...

Jane, this brings back memories from the 7th grade. In our music class Mr. Joseph Edwards tried to teach us so much. I actually absorbed a great deal of music theory from him and memorized the order of sharps and flats, learned about keys and scales and modes and chord progressions. He also played a number of tunes that we were supposed to recognize on quizzes. "In the hall of the mountain king" was one of them, along with "morning" "Asa's theme" and "Anitra's dance." Malegueña was another. I have no idea what the rest were.

I like Grieg. And remember, only my genes are Swedish. I am a true Mediterranean in my heart!

Ken said...

Heresy: I like her better than I ever liked Piaf, the latter the "voice of France" to most non-French types like me. Barbara's delivery, contra Edith, is unaffected and completely straightforward. My first thought was "Oh God, it's another drama queen chanteuse," but I stayed 10 seconds too long and got hooked. I never heard of her before. THANK YOU for posting this.