Friday, February 29, 2008

And again I say "shame"

I know, it leaves you speechless, but it bears contemplating, long and hard.

Meanwhile, Caminante was posting the Vermont side of the same picture. Vermont. Who knew? That's right, it's not all Bernie Sanders and Ben & Jerry.

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Ken said...

I read this and did something with my head...shook it, maybe. Sadly, because I am not surprised. That's sad too. Any country where Obama catches it because of his middle name has sunk to a level that makes me wish for things that are not good for my mental health. It is the same nation that extols the death penalty, life without parole, a redemptionless vision of itself that likens the drug user to the drug dealer, the prostitute to the pimp, the burglar to the mass murderer. The level of civility in this culture has become such that the only answer to a social issue is Lock The Bastard Up. And this is not one that I can lay at Bush's feet, more's the pity: I have heard this litany for years. I'm sure somewhere in this favor'd land is a videotape of Bill O'Reilly offering to "pull the switch myself."

Before I get really ranted-out I'm going to make some herb tea. I can't bust anyone out of Trenton State Prison tonight anyway.