Saturday, February 23, 2008

Barbara: "Ma plus belle histoire d'amour"

Some of last night's listening pleasure: the great French singer, Barbara, singing one of her greatest hits, "Ma plus belle histoire d'amour, c'est vous." ("My most beautiful love story is you." She could be singing this to the love of her life, or to her audience; the language allows for both. She dedicated the song to her fans.) Bear with the Sixties make-up, her song is magnificent.

She was a composer-writer too, not just a singer. Born 1930, died 1997.

More Barbara coming; I'm on a roll.


Paul said...

Elle est tout à fait charmante!

Ken said...

Oh, I forgot to say--thank you for the birthday present! That was yesterday, hier, whatever:-).

Ken said...

I didn't forget to say, I said, but the comment never got posted. What I was going to say was that I'd never heard of Barbara before, my whole association with French female singers was Edith Piaf, and Barbara runs her out of the room. My first thought was "Oh God, not another French drama queen chanteuse," Barbara's delivery seemed straightforward and aimed right at the listener, not at her ego. She must've been marvelous, and thank you for posting this.

Jane R said...

Dear Ken,

Your original comment did come through; you just wrote it on the wrong post: the Grieg piece dedicated to Paul. Glad you succumbed to the charms of Barbara. A real treasure.

Grandmère Mimi said...