Tuesday, February 12, 2008

... because we love both the sublime and the ridiculous...

... and because reading Monseñor Romero's words challenges us and warms our hearts, but because the rest of life these days is putting us in one very cranky mood, we bring you a copy of the card a dear friend sent us today, with exquisitely perfect timing.

And a small commercial: this card is from Olive Sandwiches, whose website you can see here. Very funny, biting, silly cards, which will be appealing to many OCICBW... aficionados, I think. Especially the ladies, though MadPriest will find some of the cards useful I'm sure. ;-) The cards are available in some stores in the U.S. since I am quite sure the nice man who sent this one to me didn't find it online, but somewhere in either Minnesota or New York City.

Sorry for the small size, but that's all I could lift off the site.

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