Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday not so random music: "So Many Roads"

Link to YouTube video rather than upload.

If you had told me even two months ago that I'd be posting this to my blog I wouldn't have believed it.

But there you are, things happen.



Paul said...

How very unimaginative of me not to visualize you as a deadhead!

Jane R said...

No, how unimaginative of me! I mean, I have never been a Deadhead. And probably will never be a real one. But I have a few old friends who are and one new friend who is and I happened upon this song yesterday (along with two others which I will spare you, but did you know that Jerry Garcia sang a version of "Pretty Peggy-O" ?! It's beautiful) and shared it with a friend and then just had to post it. Too good to keep in a small circle.

So there you have it. Otherwise, it's been Beethoven, Mozart, and a little gospel music all week. (And some of the MadPriest selections, but I am behind on my listening there. Another crazy week in crazyland.) Time for a change, eh?

Jane R said...

P.S. I had to dress about as undeadheadlike as I ever do around here today because there was a symposium on campus so instead of the usual I wore pearls! What a day. Well, I'm back in a flannel shirt and no jewelry now. ;-)

johnieb said...

I've never been a Dead head either, but I noticed a couple of things I wanted to follow up on when I played this. I admit I was surprised.

Please do not mention Mozart to me tonight; my copy of the Jupiter has a boo-boo about 3' into the final movement, which I just discovered about an hour ago: damn!

Maybe a nice string quintet, or some more zydeco, or the new Ella does Gershwin. I really not hurting for music, though it's been snowing all day, so I've been cooped up.