Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Still sick and busy...

... but canceled yesterday's mid- evening plans (early evening plans had to stay, we had a candidate in town and took her to dinner) and most of the morning and did the sleep and heal thing. Good idea.

The mardi gras crêpes-fest is still on for this evening, though. Traditions must endure.

Onward. Thank you for your prayers for the folks in the two posts below. Peace out.


Padre Mickey said...

Crepes are still pancakes, dear.
I'm having ribs tonight.
Get well. I'll pray for you at the Healing Eucharist (with imposition of ashes) tomorrow.

Jane R said...

You've clearly never had my crêpes. No one would dare compare them to any pancake. Thank you so much for your prayers at the Healing Eucharist.

Off to finish uncluttering the living room. Enjoy those ribs.

FranIAm said...

Oh dear- I hope you are feeling ok and I would walk across the barren desert for one of those crepes!

Padre Mickey said...

I'll admit that they do look good. But when I tell people here in Panama that folks in the U.S. and England eat pancakes for Martes de Carnaval, they just roll their eyes.

I actually do like crepes, just not on Martes de Carnaval.

Jane R said...

Thanks Fran! And thanks for all your good wishes and prayers. Padre Mickey, I agree with you that crêpes are a bit flimsy for a Martes de Carnaval. They are a bit froufrou (though I don't do fancy froufrou sauces or anything -- I stuff them with preserves and if people want, chopped almonds or walnuts; the basic French recipe is just a simple stuffing of butter and sugar, I do that too; or honey) and Carnavale requires, well, carne. Two of my guests had just gone to a place I'd never heard of downtown where I must go: nice homey food dished up by two nice Cajun Episcopalians! (Trust my friend, who is a priest with a passion for social justice and a love of good food and drink, to have dug up this restaurant.) So these two folks (semi-retired Episcopriest and fabulous RC writer wife) had red beans and rice and shrimp etouffée and heaven knows what else before showing up here for crêpes. Well, Lent is tomorrow, or rather today. I'd better go to bed. It was a great party, and Fran, someday you will have some of those crêpes. I travel. I must say that sick or no sick, this was one of my best batches. I think on this 3d Mardi Gras in NC, I have finally figured out just the right heat for the stove in this house with my cast iron pans, and I snuck a bit of whole wheat pastry flour in with the white flour (which was also pastry flour) and the batter was really good. I used local milk -- there is a dairy not too far away which sells in the local food co-op and the supermarket; skim milk and really fresh. Local eggs also. And oil. Crêpes batter has oil in it.

I actually make 'em in advance, ever so slightly undercooked, and then when the guests come I heat 'em up and fill 'em, it makes things quicker and less messy especially when the house suddenly fills with people.

Off to bed. Long day tomorrow. This is always a great party. The last of the grown-up types left around 10:30 and boom, that's when three students showed up (three of my favorite seniors, graduating in three months) and then two more, as I had predicted, at 11:30 (my teaching assistant and her bf), but they knew I meant it when I said people could come anytime between 8 p.m. and midnight.

Okay Padre, time to put away the revelry. Thanks again for remembering me at your healing service. Fran, have a blessed Ash Wednesday too.