Monday, February 25, 2008

This one's for MadPriest

We are continuing our blogiversary series at Acts of Hope, and this song by Georges Brassens made us think of the one and only MadPriest. It's not really the kind of music he likes, and it is --horrors-- in French, but the theme of the song and its words are pure MP. The song is called "The Bad Reputation" and it is about the consummate outsider. It also has a little bit toward the end about "taking the paths that do NOT lead to Rome." It speaks of the author's mocking of the self-righteous and their dislike for him. Brassens was a great poet.

The tune ain't exactly soul music, so we will be back in this space with something more worthy of MadPriest musically and rhythmically, but time is short in the crazy groves of academe, so best to post the first half of the tribute pronto. MP, Maya Pavlova and I send our love and solidarity to you. Keep up the bad reputation!

Our man Jesus had a bad rep, too.

And now for the second half of the dedication: a young Miriam Makeba in 1966, deep in the apartheid years, singing "Khawuleza."

Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika


Paul said...

Love the Brassens. Lovely humor in it. Your French music is taking me on a nostalgia trip.

Ms Makeba's boots look made for walking. Speaking of flashbacks!

And thanks for pointing me to the South African national hymn. (Google and YouTube are my friends.)

Fran said...

Nice - very nice. Love the French song and like Paul points out, the humor.

And I love love love Miriam Makeba!

Great post Jane and yes - the outsider is definitely for MP.