Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Two Ash Wednesday meditations and a liturgical blogiversary

I began this blog on Ash Wednesday last year, late in February, but liturgically speaking today is the blogiversary, since today is Ash Wednesday, a very early one this year!

So, happy liturgical blogiversary to Acts of Hope.

As for Ash Wednesday reflections, I offered two last year, and I have re-read them and decided I really need to take my own advice. Hence, I should not say anything beyond what I said last year! But if you weren't around at the time, or even if you were, you might find something in there for your spiritual nourishment.

The first is a few years old and comes from something I wrote in the now defunct The Witness. It's called "Recovering lament: 'Ashes and Weeping,' revisited."

The second is something I wrote for our students in the campus ministry letter last year. It has less in-house churchy language in it but does talk about the meaning of the day and the Lenten journey. It also speaks of the issues of time with which so many of us wrestle and which have a great impact on our spiritual lives. It's called "Time for Lent."


Padre Mickey said...

Congratulations on the (kinda) anniversary of your blog. I think I've been reading it for the entire year.
Thanks for all you do and say here.

FranIAm said...

Yes- good wishes and prayers on your blogversary.

What you have written in those pieces touches my heart and I thank you.

Peace my sister.