Saturday, February 9, 2008

What has happened to the Daily Office website?

I hadn't been on the Daily Office website since before Lent started and went there today, and lo and behold, they aren't there.

*****Sunday February 1o, 10 a.m.: they're back!

Does anyone know what has happened to them?

Somewhere I have Elisheva Barsabe's e-mail -- she's the webmistress there, or was -- and will try to dig it out, but meanwhile, can anyone check out the situation? The Daily Office people who run (or ran, sob) the site are in the Silicon Valley area, California, South of San Francisco. They have offered a wonderful service to the praying public. In fact I just recommended them to my godson and his partner and was about to send them the URL, and now it doesn't lead to the site.

I think there is another Daily Office website, but this was the best, and bilingual, too (Spanish/English), with saints' days and stories of the saints, and Rite One for those who prefer (though the quickest click leads you to Rite Two) and all kinds of other useful things.

Their site has been called Mission Saint Clare both because they are near or in Santa Clara, CA and because Saint Claire is one of the patron saints of the internet (along with Saint Isidore of Seville, but I digress and must return to my Saturday evening activities and contemplations).


Fr Chris said...

Hmm...the site works for me, at least right now. Are you still having trouble accessing it?

They do indeed do a wonderful service by offering this. I also frequently recommend Universalis and, depending on the tradition the person is coming from and feels most comfortable with. In our jurisdiction, we have folks who use Anglican and many Roman forms of the Office.

Jane R said...

Yup, still can't access it. I mean, I get the site, but it no longer has the Daily Office on it, it has an ad and tells you how to buy the domain name.

Thanks for the references to the other sites. I will definitely check them out.

klady said...

There are also Josh Thomas's sites:


johnieb said...

I usually use it, but haven't for a couple of days, and now I get nothing: how distressing!

johnieb said...

Oh, and Kathy, thanks for the link; I don't know what I would have done without it.

johnieb said...

The Mission of St Clare is back up this AM

Jane R said...

Hooray! Right you are. And with a nice purple Lenten website.