Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wyld is back from Iraq! Welcome home!

The blogging Marine who goes by the name of Wyld is home. Several friends have already posted welcomes to their blogs and encouraged us to write him. In case you're a reader who doesn't read the other folks and this is the first time you see this, go and greet Wyld if you have a moment and give him a big welcome home.

While you're at it, pray for his health. And send some well-pointed letters to your members of Congress. Wyld came back with injuries and has been getting the bureaucratic run-around. (Click that link and read one of the many episodes in the saga.) Trillions in the federal budget and we can't even take care of our men and women in uniform in a timely and appropriate manner.

But Wyld is in good spirits and enjoying being back in all kinds of ways. You can visit his blog here.

Hate the war, love the troops. Welcome home, brother. Stay safe, have a great time, be well. Thank you for your service and remember we're cheering and grateful for your safe return!

P.S. My Daddy is a WWII Marine veteran and at a friend's 90th birthday this weekend, so I can't talk to him right now, but I'm sure he joins me in welcoming you home.


FranIAm said...

What a nice Wyld post! He is a great guy who takes his job most seriously. He did a tough tour in a remote part of Iraq and he has a bad wrist injury... although no one knows more than he how fortunate he is for that. It could be worse.

He is home and happy to be so. Yet, if asked, he will go again.

johnieb said...

Did you mention your daddy was a Marine? I don't know; have I mentioned I read *Risks Worth Taking*? I was POed because a key portion was missing; it looked like a printing mistake, though I'm not entirely sure.

He and I could swap ammo dump stories; I think his is better, though.

Jane R said...

JohnieB, I think you mentioned either in a private letter or on blog that you had read Risks Worth Taking. I mentioned the book on blog way way back, I think, or posted a link to it. Did you read it after that?

What pages are missing? Or what chapter(s)?

My Pa actually had a whole book on the war, which he wrote upon return, like every other literate young man of the era. But there was a glut of war books, or perhaps it wasn't that good, who knows. At any rate no one published it. But he drew on it for the chapter about WWII in Risks.

Wyldth1ng said...

Thank you for the post.

Paul said...

Many Americans have spouses, siblings, children, parents, friends serving in the military. Others of us don't know anyone directly. For some of us in the second category, wyldth1ng is a concrete troop we get to know somewhat online. This helps "put a face" on the generic category of "out troops" and having one specific person to relate to helps us remember, pray for, support and vote and lobby on behalf of all our troops and veterans. My heart goes out to all of them; it's nice to cheer for wyld specifically.

May they all come home, safe and whole, soon. May those who are injured find the care they need and deserve and may all find the loving support of the American people.