Friday, July 17, 2009

Rest in peace, Uncle Walter

Walter Cronkite, journalist, 1916-2009.
Rest in peace. And thank you.

Obituary here.


susankay said...


Jane R said...

My father worked with Walter Cronkite for the five years he was at CBS, 1976 to 1981, when Cronkite retired. Cronkite was my father's managing editor when he was CBS correspondent in Moscow, then Paris. (Before that Dad had been radio correspondent for many years in Paris for Group W and for CBC, and also worked in print journalism in Paris, for Agence-France Presse, among others.) My Father and all of us are feeling this loss deeply.

Joanna Depue said...

I watched the CBS special on his life Sunday night, as many did ... and it refreshed my memory on how this man had impacted my formative years. Precise, measured, human he came across with such truth and integrity that I ... even eating my TV dinner from an aluminum tri-tray on an aluminum TV table ... knew was humanity at its best. How wonderful (as an adult) to experience even 2nd hand his other wonderful attributes. May he know another joy on this next journey!

Jane R said...

Joanna, a great description: "Precise, measured, human." We don't have a lot of "precise and measured" these days. My father has those qualities and he is of the same generation. Perhaps it is true that they don't make 'em that way any more. And yes, may there be joy on the next journey! Rest in peace, rise in glory, Walter Cronkite. And did you know he was an Episcopalian?