Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer greetings from +Maya Pavlova

Beloved humans and other readers,

Greetings and purrs to you. My Jane, also known as the Canon to the Extraordinary, has asked me to post a little note to you since I am home and she is not.

The Canon has been on the road for nearly two weeks, or rather, she was on the road for a day and settled down for what she thought would be ten days in faraway land where the sun shines, the nights are cool, and the weather is not muggy. She is working on a Big Theological Tome and, I suspect, enjoying herself somehow amid the footnotes. I do not make footnotes, I sleep on Big Tomes and walk on the computer keys, but humans do strange things.

As it turns out, my Jane has prolonged her stay in the faraway land, and she may or may not blog. Sometimes I tune in on feline frequency and hear her groan "must... stay... away... from... intertubes..." Good luck to her. I hope she is remembering her naps. I hear she is eating well. What's this about enjoying fresh fish without me? And why does she like nectarines so much? I just sniff and play soccer when faced with something that looks like a peach or a plum.

I am well. A nice young man cat-sits and I roll over on my back for him and show him my furry tummy, and I keep him company while he reads. I like the hand that feeds me, though I will climb all over my human when she returns. I do remember her. I just enjoy the present.

Never, ever, my beloved, forget to nap. Most of you know this, but my one and only Pastoral Letter so far (there is no need for another) is On the Necessity of Naps. Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest. Or as we say in the feline world, streeeeeeeeetch, yaaaaaaaaaaawwwnnn, puurrrrrrrrrr.


The Right Reverend and Right Honorable Maya Pavlova, F.B.E.*

* Feline Bishop Extraordinaire


Unknown said...

Blessed +Maya! How brave you are to carry on without your Canon! I am so pleased that you are well and more importantly, sleeping well! I have been having some difficulty of late due to various and sundry bi-peds who are giving "the uprights" a bad name. But tonight I believe that hearing from you, and being reminded of the necessity of naps, will bring deep sleep. I have been enjoying retirement, but some of the remaining bishops are so wet behind the ears! I wish I was in Disneyland to help them understand the need for kindness. Enjoy your naps, dear +Maya!

susankay said...

+Maya -- I am dictating this to my caretaker who has refused (so far) to give me access to the intertubes. I have noted her inability to stay away from various sites having to do with something called "GC2009" -- can that be correct? I am pleased that you are napping and have someone who appreciates your furry tummy. Although I am of a different species, I believe and hope that our concurrence (and equally our absolute DEMANDS) on such matters will bode well for inter-species relations.

Best wishes, Molly the WonderDog

Fran said...

+Maya! I am so delighted to hear how you are. I have been wondering.

Glad to hear you are ok!!

I am going on retreat this weekend, so no intertubes or google machines for me either. In fact, if not for Jane, I would not even be aware of this retreat.

We love Jane, don't we.

Jane R said...

Hello, dear sweet bipeds.

Molly the WonderDog, we are all for interspecies alliances here at Acts of Hope. The canine and feline bishops have a furry commitment to interspecies love and understanding.

+Clumber (still our senior dog bishop, though retired, or so he says), I expect you will sleep well. Some of those bipeds in purple shirts do cause headaches. Avoid them.

Fran of the many prayers and laughs, you need that retreat and I wish you many blessings on it. Don't pray all the time. You need your naps, and also walks in that lovely landscape. Thank you for your kind words about my Jane. I plan to keep her around.

It's great of you all to check in. Oh, and to see the detail of the picture of me looking out the window, click to enlarge. The Canon to the Extraordinary posted this photo to her blog last fall after she took it, but it's a beautiful photo, so why not bring it out again? You must admit I look beautiful there. It's part of my job.



johnieb said...

Greetings + Maya

Miz Scarlett is at the spa for her somewhat delayed Summer look, thus counting on her poor country boy (PCB) to send feline greetings in her absence.

She was served temporarily as of late, but greeted her regular staff with frequently repeated requests for service upon his return; he needs to feel needed.

For Miz Scarlett



Rowan The Dog, Bishop of Playing said...

My dear Sister Bishop,

You are the prettiest bishop ever, that's for sure. I really do love to look at your real great picture, I'll tell you what.

I am glad you're getting tummy pets and all the stuff you need for your important ministry of napping. Keep up the good work. Despite the demands of our bishop ministry, you continue napping so gracefully that we are all inspired to follow your example.

Now that the bi-pedal bishops have become totally useless, it's up to us to help the humans learn how to relax and play. I do think that God is happy when we have fun and nap. Also, I think God likes when we get treats, but we might need a theological commission to study that.

I love you and bark up prayers of thanksgiving for you.

Your friend and fellow bishop,

+Rowan, Playing

Paul said...

Dearly beloved bishops, +Maya, +Clumber, +Rowan, I want to thank you all for your ministry and the sage counsel you give us all. The children of God of all species would be so much better off if we heeded you more. I know I need to nap and play more. I'm trying, I really am.

Nectarines and peaches are wonderful things for certain bipeds to eat. Of course, they can serve for soccer as well. Godde's gifts have so many uses.

(I can testify that Maya is gorgeous. Loved watching her watch the birds.)

Joanna Depue said...

+Maya, The Divine Miss Em, notorious EpiscoPup, sends her highest regards. As her secretary I've been encouraged to inform you that She herself follows your Pastoral Letter explicitly and concurs!

In addition, "The Divine" has asked me to report that the contents of your letter were recently incorporated into an ordination sermon for biped folk. How inspiring that the Good News just keeps getting better.

Peace and blessings from The Divine Miss Emily Louise from her Holy Turf in New York.

June Butler said...

+Maya, you are so very wise. I'm glad you're having a pleasant time while the Canon is away. I hope she follows your advice about naps.

+Maya Pavlova, FBE said...

Thank you, dear Grandmère. I hear from the Canon that she is getting lots of sleep. There are lovely cool nights where she is. I am glad she left on the air conditioning a bit for me, because even though I like warmth, it is hot and sticky here in the Southland, and a small fur person can only take so much.

+Maya Pavlova, FBE said...

P.S. We are so pleased to hear the report from The Divine. We love EpiscoPups and this one sounds very loveworthy.

June Butler said...

...a small fur person can only take so much.

+Maya, indeed! Stay cool.