Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The purple minority

The smallest of the three hydrangea bushes is producing purple blooms this year; the soil composition must have changed.  The blue hydrangeas are more plentiful and bloomed earlier and have now turned from pale blue with cream centers to periwinkle. These purple ones are few, but they are beautiful.  I have a vase of them in the kitchen.

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Unknown said...

Possibly an honor to +Maya? Even the flowers of the field bow down to her wisdom!

Fran said...

I love hydrangea!!

(not related, but my wv is paniss. i want to add angelicus!)

Jane R said...

LOL Either that or make the word before "Chez" ! Either way, as a certain friend of mine says, there will be bread. :-)

Fran said...

That made me laugh out loud - very hard!!! Hah!!

Lisa Fox said...

Lovely pix, Jane.

BTW, you probably know already that it's pH that governs hydrangea color, right? The more acidic the soil, the deeper the blue (or purple). With all your pine needles there in God's country, and especially if you use them for mulch, this will account for a growth in purplification.

But Clumber+ is probably right: it's probably just Maya's episcopal influence.