Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Galette des rois

In France, as in so many other places, holidays are excuses to eat specific foods. On Epiphany day or on the Sunday closest to it, people (whether or not they are Christian and whether or not they are observant if they are Christian) eat galette des rois. I will complete this post by tomorrow, the actual feast. Meanwhile, happy drooling. I don't think there is galette des rois here in Greensboro.


David@Montreal said...

lots of galettes here in Montreal, and like every other year in the past ten I'm going to a French Jewish friend's house for the celebration.
the galette comes with the baby and the bean in them, and the patissiere provides two paper crowns with each purchase

Jane R said...

Oh, David, how wonderful, just like in France! Thank you for telling me. I knew I loved Montreal... Hope you enjoyed your celebration.