Thursday, February 21, 2008

Calendar blogiversary: one year

A year ago today I began blogging. It was Ash Wednesday. (I already mentioned the liturgical blogiversary a few weeks ago on this year's Ash Wednesday.)

I've a busy day today, in office hours most of the afternoon and then teaching all evening till late, with a meeting afterward (!), but will offer thanks for the blogging community and other joys either late tonight or sometime during the next few days! For now, THANK YOU for visiting, reading, commenting, and so much more. A special shout-out to those who read but do not comment on-blog. Some of you have told me off-blog that you visit this space, others among you just visit silently. Blessings, all.

There's more to this poem by Denise Levertov, but the beginning of the poem is enough for now.

But we have only begun
to love the earth.

We have only begun
to imagine the fulness of life.

How could we tire of hope?
–so much is in the bud.

How can desire fail?
–we have only begun

to imagine justice and mercy,
only begun to envision

how it might be
to live as siblings with beast
**and flower,
not as oppressors. ...


FranIAm said...

Jane- I have only known you and your blog a short time, but what a rich time it has been.

And Denise Levertov... what a poem.

Thank you- here is to more blogging and more community and more justice.

Peace unto you.

Paul said...

Happy blogiversary, Contessa, and thank you for the great Levertov. Hugs!!!!!

Padre Mickey said...

Happy actual blogiversary.
I read your blog every time you've updated.
Hi to Miss Kitty the Kat, too.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Happy blogversary to you, Jane!

Lovely part of a poem.

pj said...

Happy blogaversary! Nice Levertov, baby!!

janinsanfran said...

So glad I stopped by to give best wishes! Your blog is always lovely.

eileen said...

Happy Blogiversary Jane! Well done! Well said! CHEERS and HUZZAH!

Jane R said...

You know I love all y'all, right?

johnieb said...

How did I miss this till now? Good poem: happy anniversary!

Kirstin said...

I love that poem. And Happy Blogiversary!

(I love that you have a liturgical blogiversary, too. Wish I did... will have to see if I can claim some poor unsuspecting saint's day.)