Saturday, January 24, 2009

Episco-crats in shelter-land

Doxy's pal UT from Under the Overpasses has a new blog under his real name. Turns out he is Tim, an Episcopalian from Western North Carolina. His blogging continues to be eloquent, informative, and challenging.

When +Nedi Rivera spoke to us today about becoming welcoming congregations she slid into her talk, briefly put pointedly --I didn't miss it-- a little comment about how, make no mistake, this is not just about ethnicity and culture and race but also about class.

After that, I was also glad to read this over at Tim's. Well, glad that he wrote about it, but it made me shudder. This class issue is part of what kept me away from the Episcopal Church for years (that and the dominant Anglo culture) and Tim notes how this class privilege affects even life in shelters.

As some of you know, Tim directs a shelter for homeless people. His new blog is called "Caught a glimpse of Jesus down by the railroad tracks..."

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