Sunday, January 18, 2009

"We Are One" online

HBO rebroadcast of this afternoon's "We Are One" event at the Lincoln Memorial (an American liturgy if I ever saw one) is supposed to be free on HBO, but it isn't on my TV. You can watch it online, as I am right now. (Tom Hanks has just read the words of Lincoln. Marisa Tomei is on right now.) And here comes my man James Taylor. Watch here. You can watch anytime. This is also good if you are not in the U.S.


+Gene Robinson's prayer wasn't included in the broadcast, but you can read it here.


Joseph Zitt said...

When I try to view it, it just sits there saying "Video is loading." *sigh* I hope it's archived and available somewhere later.

Jane R said...

Hmmmm. I'm still watching it (Stevie Wonder & Co. right now). Maybe too many people are tapping in at once? Keep trying!

The passages they chose to read are very good. This really is liturgy. Also, it rocks :-). So do the President-elect and his spouse.

Barbara said...

I live in Canada and I got a message saying that, sorry, this is not for transmission outside the USA.

Jane R said...

Dear Barbara,

Oh dear, media transmission chauvinism. Have a look a few posts up and you may at least be able to catch the Seeger video. I mean the post with the photo of Seeger and Springsteen. Thanks for stopping by.