Thursday, January 1, 2009

What it looks like lined up (a follow-up on the year-end roundup)

Padre Mickey reminds us that we are supposed to line up all those first sentences. (In my case, first and first-and-second sentences, depending.) It really is much funnier that way.

So here is a third look at those first lines of each first post of the month.

'course no one says you have to do it the way someone else says it. I liked doing the meme three different ways. Cue the appropriate Cole Porter song.

2008 in review: the one-paragraph non-sequitur version

Greetings, all. There's more Latin American stuff coming, and also Sunday's sermon, and a year-end roundup perhaps, but my computer is having trouble. Chora Church, a.k.a. Holy Saviour in the Country, a.k.a. Kariye Müzesi, Kariye Camii, or Kariye Kilisesi (the Chora Museum, Mosque or Church) is the church with the beautiful Byzantine mosaics, as beautiful as Haghia Sophia in its own way. There have been so many questions and concerns about my colleague Jeff that the college has posted an update on its website. It was fabulous. It was packed. Latest in our continuing series of international and intercultural insights by Brother of Acts of Hope. This was a designer who liked women. They don't all. Okay, foodies, here is a little social responsibility post. My friend X has come out of anonymity on his blog. The fabulous FranIAm, friend of the multitudes, has posted on the state of things. Okay, it's not as clever as the Great Schlep of Sarah Silverman and P.J. fame (P.J. told us about it and Sarah Silverman is in it, complete with profanity and with humor which you'll get all of if you're a M.O.T. and some of if you're not), but it may bring in just as many voters. One live, one gone to the ancestors. Speaking of Venice (see previous post, immediately below)... Venice is flooded.

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