Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Live-tweeting the revolution

Thus reads a headline on Andrew Sullivan's blog, The Daily Dish. The new world of news. See that particular post here.

The Daily Dish homepage is here. Almost wall to wall Iran coverage since the election.

Meanwhile, U.S. television news (so I hear - I don't watch it) barely covered the Iranian elections aftermath on the weekend. I think they've caught up by now, but not in detail. I gather the reporting by the networks is even more shamefully awful than usual.

I've gotten most of my news so far --in snatches, in the car and the kitchen, because I am hoarding my writer's time-- from NPR. Haven't had, or taken, the time to supplement the bits of radio with reading, online or off.

I just took a five minute break from peaceful nighttime writing (yes, I had a late afternoon nap and an early evening walk) to check Andrew Sullivan's blog, which I don't usually read, but which has almost wall-to-wall Iran coverage including from Twitter. (I don't Tweet, either, but am struck by the use of Twitter in reporting from the grassroots.)

I wonder what Iranian women are doing and thinking. When the news talks about "Iranians in the streets" it means "Iranian men." The photos of street demonstrations show men. We do know that women voted in great numbers this time and are more than 50% of the voting population. Who is writing about the women?

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Mary Sue said...

There are photos of women, there are photos of women students protesting, there are photos of women being beaten, there are photos of women chasing off thugs beating a male protestor.

There are also reports that at least 5 female students at Teheran University died.