Thursday, November 26, 2009


This here is an Array Mbira, which is a modern U.S. adaptation of a Zimbabwean Mbira. Enjoy the music.

In other news, I invented a dish involving collards and caramelized shallots for today's dinner, and on Monday evening, I went to a "Thanksgiving rebellion" dinner hosted by the Native American student organization at Guilford. Tomorrow, blogging will return. At least that's the plan.

Sorry for the long absence. It's partly Facebook's fault and partly due to my insane work schedule and to my having been in a bit of a funk -- and committed to getting enough sleep to stay healthy on the job. Which didn't keep me from getting sick before and during fall break.

We've had a lovely Thanksgiving so far, +Maya Pavlova and I. We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful night (or day, if you have begun the new day on the other side of the globe) and we remember with respect and gratitude the First Peoples on whose land we live, the earth and its waters and skies, and the farmers who worked to grow our food. Her Feline Grace, who was in a playful mood for a good part of the day, is now asleep in an open sweatshirt drawer. Perhaps she will allow her picture to be taken tomorrow. Over and out.


Paul said...

Welcome back, honey! Mwah!

June Butler said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jane.

Lindy said...

I am glad you had a good day. I, of course, am already half-way through the next day but I am thankful anyway. Please give her grace a nice belly rub from me, and have a good weekend. Glad you're blogging again.

PseudoPiskie said...

You actually blogged as you said you would. Yea! Welcome back. There is more to life online than FB!

Kirstin said...

Love you. :-)