Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today she is two!

My great-niece, who lives in Portugal with her big brother and her mother and father (who is also known here as Nephew the Elder) is two years old today!

I still haven't met her face to face, but I am determined to get to Lisbon this coming year. Meanwhile, I gush over the pictures.

Happy Birthday to B! She is, by the way, a strong and determined young lady. Is anybody surprised?

And a belated Happy Birthday to the Fabulous Father of Acts of Hope, who turned 91 three weeks ago. Now both my parents are 91 years old.
Photo: Lisbon, Portugal


eileen said...

Awww..happy 2nd birthday little niece!

Jane R said...

Yeah! Great-niece, I am Great-Aunt, how old does that sound!

I don't post pictures of the family babies online but can e-mail you a photo, you will say "aaaaww" even more. Curly hair and round cheeks!

Love to you, Eileen. Hope your kidlings are well!

Lindy said...

Happy Birthday to all. Two and 91 are both significant achievements, each in their own way,

eileen said...

Jane - I love pictures of babies! And my kidlings are doing well - thank you for asking!

Anonymous said...

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June Butler said...

Happy Birthdays all around!

johnieb said...

I'm so ready to say "Awwwwhhhhh!" at any time. Yes, that's a request.