Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yes, we're still here

A devoted reader wants to know what's up with the radio silence.

Life is what's up, and work. Full-time teaching plus finishing up what I refer to affectionately as the Big Tome, a several hundred page work of theology for which I have to think in three languages, plus a firm commitment to getting enough sleep this year. Oh, and I was out of town two weekends ago, not for the whole weekend but for a short trip to the Diocese of Western NC to give a talk to a lovely group of church ladies. And then there were Jewish High Holy Days and diocesan things.

But I am here this weekend (really beginning tomorrow since I don't have school things on Friday) with lots of time for the Tome and for quiet reflection. The health care series will return in the next few days, as will some reflections on Francis and Clare and the Blessing of the Animals, at which I am preaching this weekend. Peace out.


David@Montreal said...

You're always worth the wait!

Just one question- will this Magnum Opus come with wheels on it when it's released to our favorite bookstore?

je t'embrace


Dennis said...

I'm jealous about that firm commitment for more sleep.

Jane R said...

Well, I had to dump it this past week due to work and a convergence of three deadlines, and now I am sick! But it's getting better fast (see my FB post on Oscillococcinum and the one on chicken soup ;-)) though I am still pretty tired. Proves my sleep theory though. Sleep is vital.