Sunday, May 25, 2008

Away for a bit

Starting this evening, running off to an undisclosed location. ;-)

Be good to yourselves and to each other and if you want, leave notes in the Comments, I'll probably check in by midweek, or before, or after.

Life isn't exactly a bowl of cherries, but this picture is nice.


johnieb said...

Ah, taking your own--beautifully written, BTW--advice, I see.

May you enjoy and be refreshed with no other purpose than delighting in Godde.

Jane R said...

Not entirely the reason for my being away, more's the pity, but as the saying goes, "from your mouth to Godde's ears."

Glad you liked the Episcopal Café piece.

Kirstin said...

Hey, just thinking about you.

Paul said...

Etiam in exilio amata es.

Jane R said...

I love it when you say sweet things in Latin :-).

I will surface in a day or two or three.

Ken said... in Arcadia ego:-)