Friday, May 2, 2008

Hillary is on campus

The place is, apparently, crawling with security people. Senator Clinton is speaking mid-afternoon.

Me, I am away from campus --well, I live on campus, but the house I rent is away from center campus-- and am staying here, away from the bedlam, because I have some important writing to do.

I'll be curious to see and hear the reactions after the fact. Many of the campus activists here are Obama supporters but I'm sure we have some Clinton folks as well. She didn't pick her time well - it's the first day of Finals, and we aren't really prime Clinton territory; Obama has already been to Greensboro (huge success) but I wonder if he'll come back. The North Carolina Primary is May 6.

And yes, I'm sure there are some McCain voters around this campus too.

I'm off now, really. (I'm posting this after the post above, but am changing the time signature so that the "gone writin'" post is the first thing people see.) Pray for me.

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Padre Rob+ said...

lots of obama supporters here as well. many of my canterbury students are in NC this weekend knocking on doors for obama... (makes father rob proud) ;)

glad you found a spot for peace though....