Monday, May 5, 2008

Anglican palate-cleanser: a postcolonial perspective (don't be put off by the word "postcolonial")

Still no real time to write, and the little darlings just left the house, so I have to spend a little time in the kitchen, but have a read, this is very, very interesting. As you know, I pick my Anglican news carefully where this blog is concerned, and this one has the Acts of Hope "gotta read" on it.

Read it here:
Colonial legacies, Anglican identities addressed at pioneering conference in Manchester.

I'm not wild about the jargon in there, and some of you won't be either, but try to make your way through this piece. It's not the first time this perspective has been around the Anglican Communion -the last decade has seen a lot of these conversations - but this is a first in other ways, as you will read.

I'll post a few pictures of something or other here and below later in the evening, because all these words words words are getting a bit dull visually. Sorry... I am not liking this haste and overload much and it seems to be the theme of this entire academic year...

But the students had a good time at the party and so did I, and Mademoiselle Maya Pavlova flirted assiduously with three male students. She has manners, so she visited nicely with the female students as well, but she does fancy the gentlemen.


johnieb said...

This sounds like a much-needed, very important, and neglected for more than a decade, discussion, which certainly must precede any juridical authority over sexual ethics, for Mercy's sakes!

Still, we mustn't expect too much of them, should we? Only why is anyone giving them any mind?

When was his Tuftiness made ABC (and what was that about, dearie!?)? Was it while I was becoming Episcopalian? While I was swimming upstream for my life, like a Salmon?

Ah: peaceful night, blessed end to all.

June Butler said...

Hi Jane. Just popped in to say:

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to Ja-ane.
Happy Birthday to you.

May you have a great day!

Love, and peace, and blessings to you.

johnieb said...

Oh, and a happy birthday: may you have time to enjoy it soon!