Sunday, May 11, 2008


Sadao Watanabe: Pentecost. Stencil, 1979.

Blog flashback: Last year at this (liturgical) time:

Pentecost: Images from India

Pentecost stained glass window, Taizé Community

We love Stringfellow (4): a post for Pentecost (on the Holy Spirit)

Pentecost and Memorial Day: resources, reflections

Pentecost - Mexico. (Author unknown - if you know who wrote this icon, please tell me.)

The images from India and from Taizé are still my favorites -- dynamic and red!

Click on those links to last year to see them.


Fran said...

You feed my soul Jane R- you truly do. Clearly one of your gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Godde bless you my friend and may today bring you wisdom, healing, understanding, consolation and peace!

johnieb said...

Lovely image and reminders: thank you.

Diane M. Roth said...

Love the Sadao Watanabe... I actually met him once, briefly, when I was with others going to pick up a print for a birthday present. I of course use "met" very loosely....