Thursday, May 1, 2008

A year ago, part II (calendar year: International Workers' Day - Labor Day)

A year ago according to the secular calendar I was pondering labor and lilies of the valley.

And, in another post, honoring Mother Jones.

Later in the month, I posted a May 1-related post I had promised back then, on the origins of Labor Day and the link between labor and lilies of the valley in the land of my birth.


Ken said...

Went back and read about Mother Jones. Knew some of it, but not enough. I love to imagine if she'd been around now, facing off against a WalMart. Or a Bear Stearns. Or an oil company. Or....

johnieb said...

The Gorn Biography is in my stack, somewhere. Still slogging through Miles's *Image As Insight*, which is excellent.