Friday, May 2, 2008

Gone writin'

Friends, I am taking some time away from both my Guilford work and my blogging to get some writing done.

There is plenty to read below (see also the archive to the right) since, as usual, I have been posting obsessively, so enjoy yourselves and please don't stop visiting. Plus, I'll be checking my home e-mail and your comments come to me there too.

Also, I would love some prayers for focus and concentration. Seriously. Thanks.

Please note the prayer request for Robyn on the post below, too.

Yes, I have read the seven senior theses and been to all those thesis defenses plus one. All I have now is a stack of final research papers, haha, and the final reflection papers which students will have handed in by Monday. Monday is also the party for students (I always throw one at the end of the semester, usually during Finals Week) and that's Monday, May 5, so of course there will be a Cinco de Mayo theme. In the food department, that is. We are also adding a little Puerto Rican to the Mexican, because my teaching assistant is half Puerto Rican and she makes rice and beans the Puerto Rican way.

Meanwhile, I am crawling into the hermit cave to meet my own writing deadlines.

Peace out. Back in a few days.


pj said...

Dear Lord, please bless and protect all writers.

Keep their self-doubt at bay, and keep them amply supplied with the liquid refreshment of their choice.

Make their many, many distractions less alluring. [During the High Holy Days, "disrupt their internet service" may be added.]

Make their feedback positive and their re-writes minimal.

Finally Lord, we ask that you firmly kick the asses of their inner-censors.


– Peedge, Jufiscopalian prophet, A.D. 2008

johnieb said...

There endeth the lesson; listen up, y'all!

Fran said...

Prayers in abundance for you!

And enjoy what you can as you do what you must.

((((Jane R))))

Padre Rob+ said...

The Jesus prayer always helps me concentrate. I'll be on retreat this week- I'll grab my prayer beads and head into the woods and say a few prayers for you.