Friday, May 9, 2008

Just when I was having a Manhattan-Boston-San-Francisco-Rome-Paris-London-Istanbul craving...

I popped in on Eileen and there was one of those silly tests that proves to be (once again) on target.

You Should Live in a Big City

You don't want anything in particular out of life... you want it all.

You crave new and exciting experiences. And you get bored fairly easily.

Only very big cities can keep you entertained and stimulated.

It is not true that I get bored easily. I rarely get bored. I just like big cities.


Doorman-Priest said...

And I should live in a small city. Well I don't! I live in a big city and love it. Whatb did I score wrong I wonder?

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, we are soul twins separated at birth. I posted the same caveat. I am hardly ever bored. What the hell have I been doing in a small town for over 40 years? As I said on my blog, if I was bored easily, I'd be dead by now.

johnieb said...

Maybe "Explore new neighborhoods" or something about "excitement"?

"Enough with the excitement! Peace and tranquility!"

I read the quiz as U S-centric; do you think that might be it?

Kitten said...

I live in a small city--and that is where the quiz said I should live!!!

Jane R said...

JohnieB, those are all U.S.-centric quizzes, since they are written by U.S. types and mostly for U.S. types. Context does matter. (I have drummed that one into my students and now they get it! All texts have contexts. If the little darlings remember nothing else, I will be happy. And from what I read in the final reflection papers they wrote, several of the students "got it.")

johnieb said...

I love teaching, when that happens.

"Gladly learn, and gladly teach"

I was thinking of D-P's status as a non-U S person, though he claims to speak "English", I think.

The ability to closely read a number of sources in specific contexts in real time is one of the skills of Intelligence Analysts. It's not hard to guess the world view(s) of the persons behind these "tests".