Friday, May 9, 2008

Meetup time: Jasper visits Maya Pavlova

Glory hallelujah thank you Jesus. The grades are in, Commencement is tomorrow (graduating seniors' grades were due Wednesday, in case you wondered), and today was a day to function without much of a brain. You have all been very kind to leave nice comments on my addled posts below and I am grateful for your visits, I truly am.

In face-to-face life, I just spent three hours with the lovely and lively Doxy, who was on her way from Here to There and whose itinerary just happened to take her right through my fair city.

We did not quite get Jasper and Maya Pavlova together, because Jasper stayed outdoors (he is as large as he will get but still technically a puppy) and Maya Pavlova is supposed to stay indoors, but someday they will actually meet face to face. Doxy and I live in the same state so it's bound to happen. However, I have now met Jasper and Doxy has now met Maya P. and everyone is duly impressed with everyone else.

Doxy and I talked a mile a minute the whole time (why is no one surprised?) and I had a chance to enjoy Master Jasper's company when we took him for a walk on the campus. He is one handsome sweet dog, that one. Miss Maya Pavlova greeted Doxy at the door, sniffed her delicately, and then climbed all over her while she was having her tea. (Yes, tea, we are proper Anglicans, though neither of us was wearing pearls. No heavy drinking, someone had to drive -- we'll do that part of Episcopal life next time we meet.)

I seem to be having more and more meetups, about half a dozen so far -- Ed (and same), who seems to have vanished and whom many of us miss and have tried to contact, and Mother Laura (an unintentional meetup at a conference) and lj and Luiz and Chris. So I am now creating a "meetup" label and will tag my other meetup posts with it. Note: I haven't posted on all my meetups, some of the links above are to the other folks' blogs. All meetups have been one on one so far; group meetups will doubtless happen in the future. (Alert: I am way overdue for a trip to Manhattan.)

This, of course, does not include people I already knew pre-blogging days or whom I met almost simultaneously on blog and IRL. I just realized there are at least a dozen of them. I've seen a few of them in the past year, too.

Anyway, this is mostly a salute to the fabulous Doxy. And to the dogalicious Jasper, who is, by the way, no longer the tiny puppy in the pictures. He is now a huge 50-pound puppy with a lot of muscle power.


FranIAm said...

You. Doxy. Jasper. Maya Pavlova.

Sheesh- I am swooning.

Sounds fantastic and I would love to and plant to meet you all face to face one day.

So glad the grades are in!!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, it sounds lovely. I know you're glad the semester is over. I have friends who work in academe, and I know the end of the semester frenzy at least vicariously.

It's nice to see a picture of you, too.

johnieb said...

Ahem: Manhattan is two hours away. Please advise as information becomes available.

johnieb said...

And do your best not to make it while I visit my new Grandson (and his big brother) in Phoenix, please. Due date is May 25th; I will make arrangements to be there for a week two weeks' after he is born.

I may mention this when it happens.

Jane R said...

Don't worry, JohnieB, it won't be anywhere near that soon. I have to go to Boston late next week for Krister's memorial service and to visit my parents, and then I have another commitment out of state later in the month, and then in June an academic conference in, of all places, Miami (talk about sweltering -- but we'll be in the hotel much of the time).

Congratulations on your current and future grandfatherhood!

Mimi, there was a better picture of me at Simple Village Organist's (meetup number one, or was it two) but this one was sweet -- and yes, I am happy to be done with the year! We do have to write reports next week (ugh) but then we are done. Unless we teach summer school, which I am emphatically NOT.

Fran, it was a great meetup. We've been wanting to get together since we live in the same state and are in fact in the same Episcopal diocese -- and we figured we'd have lots to talk about, which we did!

Kirstin said...


I love the way you tell stories. :-)

(Lizette says hi, btw.)

Kitten said...

Congrats on the end of the semester, and best wishes for the summer! How was Commencement?

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Dearest Jane---thank you so much for the lovely evening! It was wonderful to hang with you and Miss Maya Pavlova, who is surely the most charming cat alive. And lucky to live with such a gracious host.

I'm sorry not to have replied sooner. I'm in Computer Hell, since I'm trying to change over to the new one, and have not managed to locate my Contact List yet. Sigh.