Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thank you, Holy Spirit

I went to bed in the late afternoon yesterday after Commencement and got fourteen hours of sleep.

Kevin Matthews preached a fine sermon today for Pentecost.

The Ave Maria Press catalog came out this week. The new paperback edition of When in Doubt, Sing will be out in October.

I have finished writing the New Preface by the Author.

The campus is empty. Soft rain is falling.


FranIAm said...

That cover art just makes me stop. I love it.

How wonderful- sleep, Pentecost and your book.

Praise be to Godde!

Diane said...

wow, looks like another book I might just HAVE to have.

pj said...

Whew! (((Jane)))

Jillian said...

Thank You, Holy spirit for devoted, talented authors like Jane.

BooCat said...

Acts of Hope is wonderful and inspiring, That you are a "cat lady" and have the help of Maya Pavlova speaks volumes! I am particularly looking forward to the release of your book this fall. Our DOK Chapter, St. Anne's, is a liberal little outpost for DOK-World and praying the Daily Office is our primary mission in our parish. We are always looking for books and aids to assist us in better understanding prayer and to better help us in actively engaging God.
Thanks for the kind comments about the icon and the kittens. I should probably do a full posting about both subjects.