Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yesterday's presidential speech to the Democrats - health insurance reform (a first step)

President Obama spoke at length to the Democratic Caucus yesterday. This is Part III. You can find Parts I and II when you get to YouTube via the link.

Or you can watch the White House video here.

G'wan. Call your Rep one more time.

All right, I'm pulling out all the stops. BO WANTS YOU TO CALL YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS ONE MORE TIME. Seriously. Help the humans.

P.S. I say "a first step" because this plan is far from what many of us want, but politics, my purist friends, is the art of compromise, and we have to start somewhere. I'm with Rep. Dennis Kucinich on this.


Algernon said...

It must be a first step. We need to see work begin on step #2 on Tuesday. If not, are we willing to take part in civil resistance? Really. No, really.

Jane R said...

Oh, I'm with you on that.