Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Summer Disco: "Let's Hear It For the Boy!"

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I'm off in the morning and will blog when I can once I am on the Left Coast. (Probably not the rest of this week, since I will be at a conference.) Meanwhile, here's one for those of you who love men, whatever your gender... Happy tune, good for dancing, and no, there's no hidden message in here about me or anybody else, though it does remind me of life during one particular year of the 1980s.

That's Deniece (Niecy) Williams singing.


Kirstin said...

Are you anywhere near my neighborhood, and how long?

Right now I'm at Villanova at a preaching conference; jetlagged and very busy, but having a good time. I'll fly home Friday, and drive up to the Ranch that evening.

Jane R said...

Yup, not too far, for part of the time. Just wrote you an answer off-blog. (There was a link to your e-mail on your Blogger profile.)