Monday, June 18, 2007

Alan Johnston: three months last week

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston, the only international correspondent still living and working in the Gaza Strip, was kidnapped on his way home from his Gaza City office on March 12.

Intensive international efforts have been continuing to secure his release.

Timeline here.

The Archbishop of York held a service for Alan, marking the third month of his absence.

Pray also for all those whose names we do not know and who suffer daily in Gaza and the surrounding region of Israel and Palestine.


johnieb said...

I have long been dazzled by the bravery of many journalists: prayers for Alan Johnston; may he be returned to well-being soon, and in memory of Sean Flynn, MIA in Cambodia: 1970.

Jane R said...

Amen. I come from a family of journalists, as I noted in my first post on Alan J some weeks back, and all journalists feel like family to me, especially foreign correspondents.