Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cyril of Alexandria: who is he and what's the big deal? and a taxi story

James Kiefer, who writes the bios for saints on the Episcopal calendar which you find on the Daily Office website, has a funny story about Cyril of Alexandria (yes, it's getting pretty church-history-geeky this week) in today's bio. Check it out.

Even before he starts telling the taxicab story, he has a few touches of humor.

Must be another one of those crazy Anglicans.

16th c. icon of Saint Cyril of Alexandria and St John the Benefactor (more often known as St. John the Almsgiver), from the monastery of Saint Neophytos on Cyprus. (There's actually a third guy in the fresco, to the left of the two others, St. Basil. You'll have to go to Cyprus or to the Web to see him.)

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