Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday cat blogging: still up for adoption

I met this little one back in October. Instead of taking her home, I took one of her shelter companions, a seriously cute critter to whom I turned out to be allergic. (Some cats are allergifying, others are not, at least to some humans. It's a dander thing.)

Then came travel and more travel. Not a good time to adopt.

Now I'm traveling again. But I see the lovely critter is still in foster care.

Oh, and they have named her Jane! I'd change her name if she came to live with me.

Since I'll be on the road a lot this summer, I can't really investigate the possiblities till August. Ms. Cat may or may not be around by then. But she's beautiful, and she has quite the personality.

I've always had boy cats, so this would be a change.

But it's all speculation and web-surfing at this point.

Maybe I'll stop in and visit her in July.

This is a local animal rescue league and the pets actually live in homes with foster families and are only at the shelter a few days a week, when there are adoption hours.)


MikeF said...

Jane, how can you resist? She has your name on her!

Seriously, she reminds me of our Figgy - who was a rescue too, and has been such a joy all the long years we've had her. She's getting an old lady now, but is still such a loving and happy little companion that every day I'm grateful we found her.

MadPriest said...

Put her in a box. Send her over on the next direct flight to Newcastle.

johnieb said...

I might entertain the notion, but FA Annie absolutely refuses to discuss it, and she lives here, too.

Jane R said...

Now, darlings, I didn't say I wasn't adopting her. (But if I don't, MP, off goes the box to you; with some bottles of beer for her on the trip and for you and Mrs. MP upon arrival.) I am going to the shelter when I return and having a chat with the ladies there, who know me because that is where I adopted the late lamented Sensei, whose many photos you have seen in Friday Cat Blogging here, and who died in emergency surgery a year ago Palm Sunday. In addition to being allergic to the cat who only stayed a week some months ago (really allergic, as in asthma) I think I was also still grieving sweet Sensei. But life with no cats is no fun, so once I'm back home I must get serious about feline company. (I also have a theory that the cosmically right cat generally finds you.)

Stay tuned. Mmmrrrrrooowwww.

johnieb said...

"But life with no cats is no fun"; therefore, stay awake! You never know when the planets will suddenly align, and your Cat is saying "Pet me. What's this? How DARE you?": all the usual.