Friday, June 15, 2007

The Healing Psalms of Rebbe Nachman

Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav (Braslov, Breslau, choose your spelling) was a Jewish mystic of the late 18th / very early 19th century who has become popular again during the last couple of decades. He recommended praying ten specific Psalms in situations requiring healing.

Some time back (a decade or two) a book of guidance and commentary on these Psalms came out and I have used and recommended it since then.

I had occasion to recommend it again in a note I just wrote to a group of friends about a compañera of ours who is having breast cancer surgery today, and I thought some of you readers might enjoy and appreciate it, whether or not you are Jewishly affiliated or inclined. (And the Psalms are the prayer Jews and Christians share, so Christians will find this book pertinent to their life and prayer as well.)

The commentators are rabbis, both women and men, from four different "denominational" movements within Judaism.

Have a look.

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