Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"Imagine How the Media Would Cover the Divorced Rich Republican Presidential Candidates, If They Were Democrats"

"Imagine How the Media Would Cover the Divorced Rich Republican Presidential Candidates, If They Were Democrats."

This just in from a local friend (but it's from AlterNet). Very interesting piece for those interested in a) media b) presidential campaigns c) U.S. culture d) family values (!*) e) materialism and/or critiques thereof. Have a look.

* And speaking of family values, Deirdre Good is in the U.K. giving talks on her "Jesus' family values" book.


johnieb said...

Two things decide the news: ad revenue and subscriptions. I think you said you knew the source of this observation.

Jane R said...

I did?

Grandmère Mimi said...

The Newt and Rudy, for two, get off easy. Dunno what it is about Democrats that rouses the ire of the press folks. Maybe, it's simply about revenues. Is it that folks don't like reading about Republican hyjinks? Are their follies not interesting enough?

lj said...

Great article. Thanks for the link, Jane. I am torn between wanting a positive, policy oriented campaign and wanting the dems to come out swinging at the (real) hypocrisy of the "family-values" republicans. I am sick of the goofiness and hope the internet really does help level the field some this next round.

johnieb said...

The CT Bureau Chief, Hooker by name.

Grandmere, my somewhat snide reference was to the ownership of news organizations and their motive and reason for existence: to make money. Much of the rhetoric about guardians of the public's right to know is therefore mixed with greed. The difficulty is not to become corrupted by worldly perspective as we work to transform the world by following our Lord.

I have about eight pages of notes from the very fine lectures. I shall write this up in some sort of presentable form over the next day or so. Suggestions, bearing in mind my delicate sensibilities, as to what to do with them at that point will be considered.

I may be buying some books, dangit.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Johnieb, there's nothing for it but to set up your blog and get it going, even if you don't want a damned blog.

Eileen said...

Excellent article, and JohnieB points out the turn key of media, and most other things American and related to power: MONEY.

The root of all evil, God says.

I'm not radical enough myself to live without it though.

johnieb said...

Oh grandmere,

you shame me, madame; I have been evading this by not learning the necessary technical details--how to link, load images, etc. And waht is this "html" speak of? And what is "code"?

Alas! This is the second time in 12 hours someone has raised this issue. I may be driven to it yet; after all, if my stuff were all in one place, it would be easier to walk around it.

From that perspective, I may just do it.

johnieb said...

Drink coffee, then blog. I hope everyone is able to fill in words as necessary; just don't take it too far.