Thursday, June 28, 2007

It was bound to happen here: animated foodie film

The thing about the San Francisco Bay Area is that half the time, it's a parody of itself.

So now the local film folks at Pixar have made a sort of parody of that, in the form of an animated movie about, you guessed, it, food. The newspaper story about the film is, you guessed again, on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle today, right next to the Tahoe fires and the new San Francisco health initiative.

Above the fold.

The film is called "Ratatouille."

It's about a rat who wants to become a chef.

I'm serious.


johnieb said...

Oddly, I made a Ratatouille last night! And I love the name "Imam Biyaldi", though I've not learned to make it properly.

Ken said...

A. O. Smith of the NY Times said it's one of the best animations he's ever seen as well as being a wonderful commentary on the process of making art.

Take that, Uncle Walt.

pj said...

Yep. "Ratatouille" is getting glowing reviews from some serious critics. Pixar's scripts are usually better than those of the other animation companies, so I'm not too surprised. Definitely taking my son to see it!

johnieb said...

I'm taking my imaginary son; the offspring is too far away.

Hi, Nimsey!