Friday, June 8, 2007

Mexican Pentecost

In the Episcopal Church, we call this the season after Pentecost. ("Ordinary Time" in the Catholic liturgical calendar. In both churches, green as the liturgical color.) So one more piece of Pentecost art is appropriate, and this one, from Mexico, is in honor of the many, many Mexican and Mexican-American people and communities here in Los Angeles.


PadreRob+ said...

well, some of us Sarum Catholics still reckon these days as Trinitytide ;) Nonetheless, I loove this image- and even for Trintiytide is appropriate :)

Eileen said...

Jane - I really like this - the colors are festive and vibrant - alive.

I know the woman is Mother Mary, but in my mind, she's also Mary Magdalen, who I feel was probably far more in touch with the Holy Spirit as an active follower of Christ. I can't imagine she wouldn't have been among those touched by the Holy Spirit.

Jane R said...

Yes Rob and yes Eileen! (I'm really eloquent after a full day of conferencing -- a bit of it in Spanish as it turns out, but that was one of the fun parts.)

Always good to read you.