Sunday, June 17, 2007

More from Dorothee Soelle, this time a poem

A Summer Series post.

The poem is from the same book as the long quote below (The Mystery of Death) but it's originally from a book (presumably of poems - Soelle wrote poetry throughout her life, it was part of how she did theology) published in German in 2000 and, as far as I know, never translated. Check out the theology of the communion of saints in this one.

At a peace gathering

We're not only ten thousand I said
there are more of us here
the dead of both wars
are with us

A journalist came and asked
how could I know that
haven't you seen them
i ask the clueless guy
haven't you heard your grandmother
when they started it up again
do you live all alone
without any dead who drop in
for a drink with you
do you really think
you are only yourself

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