Wednesday, June 27, 2007

PG blog, torture

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One "bitch" and several uses of the words "death" and "dead" got me that rating. Bill Carroll over at Anglican Resistance got an NC-17 for his use of "torture." No, it's not a real rating, just one more bloggy game.

Go read about the real thing. Torture, that is. Yesterday was International Torture Awareness Day, according to Bill. I didn't know, but I spent most of the day in the library working at the same table as a good friend who is writing (theologically and ethically) about torture.

Actually, June is torture awareness month. The 26th was the day of solidarity at the UN, and also a lobbying day in Washington, co-sponsored by several organizations. What, you didn't know about the National Religious Coalition Against Torture?

P.S. Now that I have used the word "torture" four times, my blog is rated "R."
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Oops, nine times now. Still the R rating, though.

As Bill notes, let's be clear where the real obscenity lies.


johnieb said...

I think I have more to undergo before I engage this subject (and, yes, I'm on vol. 3: *Engaging the Powers*); nonetheless, I would be interested to see anything your friend wants to share.

As to actions to take, I recommend, the Torture Abolition and Survivor Support Coalition headed by Sr. Diana Ortiz. Her book *Through the Blindfold's Eyes* (Orbis, I think)is excellent, but I gave it away; I couldn't stand to have it in the house any longer. The wounds are still tender, I suppose.

Jane R said...

Thanks, johnieb.

Be good to yourself.

johnieb said...

Thank you. It's not as if I needed a special day, though I know it may be helpful to others; I don't know that I've thought of it at least once every day since the Summer of '68, but I likely have done so.