Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer Disco -- and this time it really is disco

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And the title theme, friends, is for

a) dear ones recovering from various surgeries and illnesses;

b) those of us trying to survive in academe where they don't give you your summer research grant money till the summer is over and you end up scrounging busfare to the library at your research location and booking your travel as you go (hey, I could end up stuck on the West Coast forever -- there's a thought) and working-class academics everywhere;

c) yesterday's San Francisco Pride parade; and

d) some more good vibrations for dear ones recovering from various surgeries and illnesses and all those contending with the U.S. health insurance system(s).

1 comment:

johnieb said...

Thanks for the link to the San Francisco Pride Parade. I think Officer Cabelo is spot-on; I'm gonna make a "Things to Do Before I Die" list, and going to the parade is now one of the items: OK, with Provence, the only item. :)