Monday, June 4, 2007

Summer Disco: California Dreamin'

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Wednesday. I'm going there. Yeeha.


johnieb said...

Is this an example of "inevitability"? :)

Jane R said...


johnieb said...

Aren't you going back to California after working in the East for a relatively short time? And you do put up music on your site. So surely you were going to put this song on before you left. It HAD TO HAPPEN.

I feel so witty.

Jane R said...

Um, okay. I'm still missing something.

I live here in Greensboro. I used to live in Berkeley. I put up this song because I knew I was going to California in three days (going back to visit, in other words -- and to work for a few weeks and play a little) and I was celebrating and announcing that. Also 'cause I thought people might enjoy it.

Or are you saying I'm destined to move back there?

johnieb said...

No, I wasn't. Perhaps there was nothing to miss: "no 'there' there."