Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer Disco, Special Edition: Dame Emma Sings the Red Priest (1)

AKH -- the sound thingie got destroyed when I went in to edit the time (long after the posting of the five comments below - so I do know it worked fine while it was still there) -- will repost above...

Nope, no video, only sound. But what sound!

Antonio Vivaldi: Griselda - Agitata da due venti. Sung, of course, by Emma Kirkby.

Congratulations, Dame Emma!


MadPriest said...

Emma is such a wonderful singer. But the thing I respect her for most is her early music evangelism. She is probably the person most responsible for its rise in importance in the UK over the last 30 years. Although she could fill concert halls every day of the week she seems more happy playing to a few people at small festivals such as the one my wife's department puts on each year at our university. Hearing her clear and unadorned voice in a small hall with maybe 50 other people, with her chatting away between songs is something I look forward to every year. I used to hate classical song before I heard Emma (over 20 years ago now). I used to think it was all that horrible warbling. Emma does not warble - she sings. She's great.

johnieb said...

Sublime,as was the Mozart Laudate Dominum; for once, I don't mind my provincialism exposed. I had never heard her or of her.

Jane R said...

MP, what a treat! Lucky you and good for Mrs. MP. And how lovely to hear that Emma K hasn't gone all snobby.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, how lovely. Emma sings Vivaldi beautifully.

What a juxtaposition! I just finished listening to James "Son" Thomas' CD, "Beefsteak Blues". As one reviewer said, you don't get much "downer and dirtier" than this.

What a wonder to have such catholic musical tastes.

johnieb said...


I went from Vivaldi, through some Mozart Concerti (love the slow movement on the Clarinet), to Lightnin doing "Mojo Hand", then on to EmilyLou's *Red Dirt Girl*; today in the car it's Ellington, Mingus, and Roach (a lesser-known Super group).

I find nothing at all unusual about your musical taste. Hmmm: Quatuor Pour La Fin Du Temps? Not yet, please.