Friday, June 1, 2007

Summer Disco: Vivaldi !

It's one of those days when the general feeling is like the drawing at the right, only more frazzled.

It's probably not going to get much better given the backlog of things to deal with at home and office, the interruptions, and six gazillion things to get done before leaving town next Wednesday for several weeks and oh, that calm quiet theological writing I'm supposed to be doing full time. (There will be more of that in California, in any case. Also blogging.)

So, even rock 'n roll won't work, and I think it's time for a little Vivaldi. (Apologies to MadPriest -- but the Miriam Makeba music WILL be back. Just not today.)

This one is more upbeat:

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This one less so:
Vivaldi - Conciert...



Ed said...

Vivaldi is *perfect* summer music! Even all Four Seasons. Next up should be a number from the obscure "Miriam sings Vivaldi" live concert CD.

Grandmère Mimi said...

How did you know I needed Vivaldi today, Jane? He's in my profile as one of my favorites.

Jane R said...

Oh, I am SO glad! I was feeling of no use to the world, so I'm very happy that what I was able to share hit the spot.

And Ed, you're the one who is going to produce that obscure number, I'm sure ;-).

johnieb said...

Thanks for the Vivaldi suggestion, y'all; it's sweet!