Monday, June 11, 2007

Tagged again, Sophia have mercy

I’ve been tagged. By two people.

Lord, have mercy on me. ‘cause your holy people, they did not.
Padre Mickey is right, we did have a similar meme very recently (the one where so many of us turned out to have mildly OCD habits like organizing our spices by culinary themes) and since I am on the road, haha, I will probably lift one or two facts from my Six Weird Things Meme answer. Deal with it. Which doesn’t mean I don’t love ya.

And thanks to Mike of The Mercy Blog, who started all this. (And who said nice things recently about one of my old sermons.)

I am on to another location on the Left Coast later today, after a fine time of eating and drinking and making merry with Simple Village Organist last night. He may write one of his scintillating reports on our film casting meeting soonish, but he is a busy man and nursing a bit of a cough besides, so give him time, and I see Padre Mickey de Panamá has tagged him, too, so he is doubtless weighed down by the burdens of his office. It’s not easy doing the Lord’s work in L.A. And finding inclusive language with which to talk about it.

P.S. an hour or two later -- Ah, SVO hath delivered, as always. His report on our important casting meeting for the film is in the post called "Incarnational Blogging" (great title!) on his blog, but really, the other posts are more important reads. I hereby dub SVO Most Excellent and Eclectic Church Musician of the Year. (Padre Mickey isn't in the Church Musicianof the Year running despite his stellar bass performances during Holy Eucharist because he's, you know, a priest, so the rock 'n roll and Afro-Panamanian music thing is part of his sacerdotal functions.)


johnieb said...

Yeah, Jane R., all this damned Play, Play Play must stop immediately, is that understood, young lady?

I sure do enjoy all you ants do--please don't let me interrupt too much; carry on. (As a RFES, I always wanted to say that; faithful to mah humble raisin', I reckon. :) )

Ok: it stands for the self-referential term "Rat-Faced Enlisted Swine." Didn't want any of the valuable people, who were self-abusive enough to go to Officer Candidate School, risking their necks with the lowest of the low: the infantry. Then and now, the infantry vets are the easiest to be with, morally, at least. They mostly made for them what the only moral choice as they saw it by "serving", and, though they may be violent, they are not cowards nor are they hypocrites. And I love a good many of them: my brothers, and some sisters, even in the Sixties. Went to Language School with a sister, who lost it over a guy: good for her. One of our other classmates faked a threat on LBJ; three out of eight emerged speaking a basic Vietnamese. I enjoyed using it, as best I could. Oops. I suppose my Memorial Day is running about two weeks late: the usual.

MikeF said...

Thanks for the thanks, Jane R! But don't credit me with starting all this - I got tagged by Missy, of Big Fish Story fame. I just passed it on. What ripples these little pebbles have ;-)